defendant arrested

An individual involved in a case of violence against animals was apprehended by elements of the DGSN in Tetouan.

After being identified, thanks to a video recording, where we see him martyring a cat to death, at the level of Mohamed El Kharraz Avenue in Tetouan, the defendant was arrested by the police. Due to the violence of the video relayed on social networks, Le Site Info has decided not to share it. According to a well-informed source, the “executioner” was taken into custody this weekend for the purposes of the investigation.

In addition, the Association for the Defense of Animals and Nature (ADAN) has decided to file a complaint against this individual with the King’s Prosecutor. The scene obviously ignited the web, recalling the case of a young girl who filmed herself ordering her dog to kill a kitten last April.

The absence of a legal framework for the protection of stray animals benefits such individuals. Indeed, articles 601 and 602 of the Moroccan Penal Code criminalize violence against animals, property of others, but not those of the street.


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