“Dating with dogs”, a program that has dog

TFX launches a new kind of dating program in which doggies have a role to play!

This Wednesday, TFX launches “Dating with dogs – Love, my dog ​​and me”, an unbridled dating show that really renews the genre. Presented by Zak Khchaï, each issue follows a single person, of all genders and sexualities, masters of one or more dogs. They will choose, initially blindly, suitors via the photo of their respective doggies. Some clues are given on the personality of their masters. When encounters happen, anything can happen. What if the dogs really don’t get along? Give up their love at first sight?

“I didn’t expect the adage ‘like owner like dog’ to be so true! I am not talking about the physical but about the character”

Zak Khchaï, presenter on TFX

Funny and a bit naughty, the show is full of unexpected scenes like when this duo, on a romantic date on a bench, sees their dogs go directly to the next step just at their feet! “ Animals bring us back to a lot of authenticity, nods to Zak Khchai. We had our sequences to achieve, our common thread, but what happens between the dogs is unpredictable! There are those who hate or adore each other, those who literally throw themselves in the water or on each other, or this Japanese Chiba dog who was in “I want to leave, get me out of here” mode. , turning the back, the muzzle against the fence (laughs)”.

“Like Master like dog”

The presenter of “How to be beautiful naked” on TFX also had fun observing the candidates: “ I didn’t expect the saying “like Master like dog“Be also true! I am not talking about the physique but about the character. Dogs are a bit of a narcissistic extension of their masters. Singles actually had a lot of information about suitors just by watching their dogs “. At the end of filming, some singles left alone with their doggie, while others found love.

Trained in personal development coaching, Zak Khchaï helped certain candidates behind the scenes to understand why they were eternally single. For example, is there really room for someone else when you sleep wedged between your two dogs, he asks. “ Yes the show is fun but there is also an undeniable psycho part, some leave with a new light on themselves and understand how much they are not ready to be in a relationship “.


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