damage to the nursing home, the structure will be able to accommodate patients

In Montbard, the firefighters intervened on Saturday morning at the level of the multidisciplinary health center (MSP) of the city, which was opened in 2015 and today welcomes 21 health professionals. The water infiltrated during the night at the level of a roof terrace of the intermunicipal structure and affected eight cells where professionals exercised.

Public reception is maintained

The damage caused by the storm is, fortunately, less serious than expected. Contrary to what was initially feared, they will not lead to the temporary closure of the Montbardois health center next week.

“Surveys were carried out by the companies, which intervened quickly. This made it possible to check the electrical safety on a large part of the building. I would also like to ask for them, in the same way as the firefighters, ”underlines Alain Bécard, president of the community of communes of Montbardois, owner of the MSP.

No risk with the reception of the public was observed in the first three floors of the nursing home. Only the fourth floor is expected to be temporarily closed, pending further investigations scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

The three health professionals affected by this closure could be relocated elsewhere in the structure.

Another meeting scheduled for Monday

Monday, October 24, a new meeting is scheduled between health professionals and local elected officials. The objective will be to take stock of the situation. “Just in case, we have a replica solution to accommodate health professionals in empty premises at the Montbard hospital center,” says Alain Bécard.

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