Cuisses. I tested the cani-rando for you

Friday, August 5, early in the morning. Here I am in the forest of Cuiseaux, at the starting point indicated by Vanessa Cazeaux, musheuse (a person who drives a snow sled pulled by dogs) who has specialized in this activity of walking in the company of Nordic dogs… provided on can also come and visit a “Nordic Park” in Dommartin-lès-Cuiseaux.

I meet Martine and her son Baptiste, who have come from Côte d’Or to try their hand at cani-rando too. As Vanessa goes out and prepares three of her nine huskies, I quickly realize that none of us have tried the activity yet. I meet the dogs Everest, 2 and a half years old, Myla, 5 years old and Zion, 3 and a half years old.

A few explanations before starting

While their first yelps of excitement are heard, Vanessa gives us some explanations concerning, of course, the cani-rando,…

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