Croquette et Macadam helps homeless dogs

The animals of homeless people also need to be taken care of. This is why, in 2018, Frédéric Prieto founded Croquette et Macadam in Bordeaux.

Every Sunday, with volunteers, he carries out patrols in the city center. Together, they distribute food, water and accessories to dog owners, and interact with them. In addition, a veterinary clinic also accompanies this association and offers to provide care.

personal story

If Frédéric decided to create this association in April 2018, it is because he himself found himself in this situation. He spent seven years on the street with his two dogs, and was able to get by thanks to the support of a couple who enabled him to find accommodation. “For me, it was obvious. There are already many structures that come to the aid of humans. But in Bordeaux, there was none for the animals. When you’re on the street, buying kibble and paying veterinary fees is complicated. I had to do something,” he explains.

If, initially, the creator of Croquette et Macadam was aimed at homeless people, the circle of beneficiaries has widened. “Social workers contacted me for people in vulnerable situations. When they have a little income, we make them participate, even if it is only 5 euros. It’s a way of empowering them,” says Frédéric Prieto.

Last year, three tonnes of kibble were distributed. Donations sought from individuals, pet stores and veterinary clinics. It is also possible to help this association by joining.

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