Crèche Au clair de la lune in Plouvien: a back-to-school party this Sunday to help with financial difficulties – Plouvien

Managed by a parents’ association and supported by the municipality of Plouvien, the “Au clair de la lune” crèche is located in the children’s home. It employs ten people, for about thirty children welcomed each week. Its office is made up of two co-presidents (Mathilde Diverrez and Anaëlle Lazantsy), two co-treasurers (Élodie Guiziou and Aurélie Simon) and a secretary (Céline Hamon).

Due to covid-19, the structure is facing financial difficulties. “Our funding depends mainly on attendance at the crèche. Or, the closures imposed, in connection with the health situation, have had a heavy impact on our association, ”explains Mathilde Diverrez.

Inflatable structure, wooden games, photobooth, cotton candy…

In order to raise awareness about these difficulties and to publicize the association of volunteer parents, the crèche is organizing a back-to-school party this Sunday, September 25, 2022. “It will be an opportunity to spend a fun time with the family”, indicates the co-chair.

During the afternoon, entertainment will be offered: inflatable structure, giant wooden games, lighted dance floor, motor skills course… A photobooth will be available to immortalize this family moment. There will also be a snack bar selling drinks and cakes, as well as a cotton candy stand. For this event, the leaders have teamed up with Jérémy Rochard, the Plouviennois who runs Innov Event and who has also just launched Loc’event.

We would like the Plouvien nursery to continue to operate under this management model.

Call for donations

“We hope that the Plouvien crèche can continue to operate under this management model (parental association). This is why, at the same time, we are launching our appeal for donations campaign (via the helloasso platform) to support our structure, which is fortunate to have a team of high-quality multidisciplinary professionals,” concludes Mathilde Diverrez.


From 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., at the Plouvien multipurpose room. Admission: €2 from 2 to 12 years old, free for parents. Contact: 02 98 40 93 72 or [email protected]

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