Covid19. Where is the mask still compulsory? We answer you

“Is wearing a mask still compulsory in public transport and taxis? »asks Laura. “Is the mask still compulsory for doctors and pharmacies? »also asks Michel, a reader from Saint-Aubin-d’Aubigné (Ille-et-Vilaine).

With the adoption of the bill which ratifies the end of the exceptional measures against Covid-19, the obligation to wear a mask can no longer be imposed, except in certain places. Make the point.

In the transports ?

Laure, you are telling us about the mask in transport: the latter has not been compulsory since May 16, 2022. If many seem to have abandoned it on TGVs or buses, it is nevertheless always advisable to wear it. The mask “remains recommended in transport for all people who consider themselves threatened by the virus”, declared Olivier Véran the former Minister of Health, on May 12. So, if you or a loved one are fragile, you can choose to wear the mask.

The SNCF continues to recommend wearing a mask on board trains.

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And in pharmacies?

As for pharmacies and medical practices, Michel, the mask can be imposed on a case-by-case basis.

“The managers of health establishments, services and medico-social establishments and premises and places of care retain the possibility of making the wearing of a protective mask compulsory for people at least 6 years old”indicates the General Directorate of Health (DGS) to West France.

If the state of health emergency is over, a decree published on July 31 in Official newspaper provide that wearing a mask may be made compulsory by the director, the director of the establishment.

However, the DGS specifies that “Given the high level of circulation of the virus at the present time, and the great fragility of the people received in health and medico-social establishments, wearing a mask therefore remains very strongly recommended by the Minister of Health”.

“All barrier gestures must also continue to be respected by patients, residents, professionals and outside visitors, regardless of their vaccination status, in particular the ventilation and aeration of premises and hand hygiene”adds the Directorate General of Health.

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It’s the same for hospitals, the mask can always be imposed there. Several establishments have already indicated that the obligation to wear a mask is maintained for patients, visitors and also staff. Among these establishments which maintain the wearing of the mask: the Public Assistance – hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), the Public Assistance – hospitals of Marseilles (AP-HM) and the CHUs of Rennes, Bordeaux or Nancy.

The mask almost no longer mandatory

Clearly, wearing a mask is therefore no longer compulsory in businesses, shops, places of culture or even in public transport. However, it may be made compulsory in health establishments, by decision of the management. Nothing prevents you from continuing to wear, especially if you or one of your loved ones is a fragile person.

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