court hearing reported for 2nd time

The unworthy and unsanitary living conditions of the 8 canines were reported in 2020. An association filed a complaint, however, the doggies are still under the responsibility of their owner. The court hearing which was to take place on May 23, then September 12 again has been postponed.

Residents of the municipality ofAlbina in the Tarn had reported the hell suffered by the 8 hunting dogs in December 2020. Date on which an investigator from the association Stephane Lamart came to see the facts.

“The earthen floor was strewn with excrement, in full sun. There was only a manger with a bottom of greenish water. There was no food and the smell was foul”she said then.

Despite this, the master of canines has not changed his habits.

Later, in February 2021, a new report was collected by the gendarmerie of Labruguiere. A woman had noticed that an animal remains was revealed inside the enclosure and that the rest of the pack, hungry, began to devour it.

The police have indeed made the macabre discovery by going to the scene a few days later.

Similarly, they noted that a battery intended for fencing for horses or cattle was used on the fence of the kennel.

Filing complaint

It was too much for the association Stephane Lamart who filed a complaint in early May 2021 for deprivation of care after calling a veterinarian.

The latter actually found that the dogs suffered from various ailments: purulent conjunctivitis, ear infections and skin infections.

The offender’s trial was scheduled for May 23, 2022, but was eventually adjourned to September 12.

To the great souls of the members of the organization which campaigns for animal welfare, the hearing has again been postponed.

“My arms are falling”a declared Master Patrice Grillonthe Parisian lawyer of the group who moved for nothing to the police court of Castres.

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Indeed, the summons to appear only takes into account a small period and only mentions a single canine. Facts for which the accused had already been fined.

The president called for further investigation into the situation of the poor doggies still in the care of their owners.

The association will request their seizure. “Because the important thing is the protection of these dogs”to remind Master Patrice Grillon.


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