Côtes-d’Armor: a man attacks the owner of a dog and kills the animal with nine stab wounds

A neighborhood dispute with a gruesome outcome. An armed man killed a dog with several stab wounds and injured its owner in the city center of Pordic, near Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor), Monday, reporter Ouest-France and France Bleu.

The drama took place late Monday afternoon, while the owner of a dog was walking his animal in town. A resident of a building near the area then approached the dog and its owner. Pushing the man, the individual pulled out a knife and stabbed the dog, a staff, nine times.

The owner of the hospitalized dog

The master of the staff tried to intervene and was injured in the hand as well as in the lung, having received a stab in the back. Hospitalized, he had to undergo surgery. The dog did not survive his injuries.

The assailant with the knife, aged about fifty and known to the neighborhood, was extracted from the scene by gendarmes after the altercation. He was temporarily taken care of in a psychiatric unit, before returning to police custody on Tuesday.

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