Coronavirus: situation update in Normandy – October 26, 2022

Decreasing regional incidence

On October 25, the regional incidence in Normandy observed a drop of 7.8% compared to last week and stood at 540.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants:

  • Normandy : – 7.8% (SPF incidence rate from 10/15 to 10/21: 540.3)
  • Calvados : – 6% (SPF incidence rate from 10/15 to 10/21: 507.7)
  • Eure : – 7.9% (SPF incidence rate from 10/15 to 10/21: 546.9)
  • Sleeve : + 2.5% (SPF incidence rate from 10/15 to 10/21: 501.7)
  • adorns : – 17.6% (SPF incidence rate from 15/10 to 21/10: 500.7)
  • Seine-Maritime : – 9.6% (SPF incidence rate from 10/15 to 10/21: 579.1)

The reproduction number (R) is 0.95.

The virus is still circulating in the population: in this context, vaccination and respect for barrier gestures are essential to protect yourself and others.

In this context of virus circulation, the autumn vaccination campaign for people at risk of a severe form of Covid-19 started on October 3 (see below).

To continue to prevent the spread of viruses, keep the good reflexes acquired throughout the crisis with regular airing and washing your hands often.

Wearing a mask is highly recommended and necessary in situations of great promiscuity, in closed and poorly ventilated places, such as public transport, and in particular in the presence of fragile people. It is also recommended for the most vulnerable people.

In addition, due to the fragility of the people received and the current level of circulation of the virus, wearing a mask remains very strongly recommended, when possible, in establishments welcoming the elderly or a majority of people at risk of severe form of Covid-19.

In the slightest doubt, or in the event of symptomslet’s get tested and self-isolate immediately if the test is positive.

The positivity rate in slight decrease

Between October 15 and 21, 60,550 people were tested, 17,870 of whom tested positive. The positivity rate is down slightly and stands at 29.51% against 30.43% at the last situation update on October 12.

Hospitalizations on the rise

As of October 24, 1,182 people with Covid-19 are hospitalized (965 at the last update on October 12), including 45 in intensive care (30 at the last update).

Need care? Before going to the emergency room, keep the right reflexes

With the resumption of winter epidemics, in particular the infantile bronchiolitis virus, before going to pediatric or adult emergencies, let’s keep the right reflexes.

The first reflex should lead to contacting your attending physician. If he cannot be reached, if the patient does not have one or if those close to him consider the situation to be particularly worrying, he must immediately contact the SAMU-Centre 15 or the Care Access Service (SAS), in dialing 15.

Regulating physicians are available to callers to provide them with the direct benefit of an appropriate medical response, ranging from advice to emergency management.

The fall vaccination campaign began on October 3

Since Monday October 3, the automatic vaccination campaign for people at risk of a serious form of Covid-19 has started. This booster vaccination is carried out with bivalent mRNA vaccines, targeting in particular the variants of the virus currently in circulation on the territory (derivatives of Omicron).

The population eligible for the fall reminder includes, regardless of the number of reminders previously received:

  • People aged 60 and over;
  • Residents of EHPAD and USLD regardless of their age;
  • People at risk of a severe form of the disease (immunocompromised people, pregnant women, people under 60 infected as being at risk);
  • People living in the entourage or in regular contact with immunocompromised or vulnerable people;
  • Professionals in the health and medico-social sectors.

The administration of this booster dose must respect the minimum recommended intervals between two vaccinations, namely:

  • 3 months for people aged 80 and over, for residents of nursing homes or USLDs, for immunocompromised people;
  • 6 months for others.

In the event of recent infection with Covid-19, vaccination is recommended from 3 months after infection, respecting a minimum period of 6 months after the last injection.

The possibilities of vaccination are numerous, especially with city professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, etc.).

Find the infographic here: “Which vaccines for which audience this fall?” »

The flu vaccination campaign is taking place concurrently with the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Vaccination against seasonal flu is strongly recommended for the most vulnerable people (people aged 65 and over, pregnant women, people with certain chronic diseases, obese people with a Body Mass Index greater than or equal to 40). The vaccination of caregivers and professionals in regular contact with people at risk of severe influenza is also recommended.

It is quite possible to receive both vaccinations on the same day. If the person chooses to space out the vaccinations, it is recommended to receive both vaccines in a relatively short period of time and as soon as possible before the arrival of the influenza epidemic.

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