Coronavirus: situation update in Normandy – 14 September 2022

This Covid-19 situation update is part of an information process undertaken by ARS Normandy since March 2020.

As of today, the ARS is adapting its information system. Thus, the weekly publication of the situation update will henceforth be fortnightly, with a broadcast every other Wednesday.

The next update will be released on September 28, 2022.

The regional weekly bulletins of Public Health France can be consulted in by clicking on this link.

The ARS Normandie and Public Health France teams remain mobilized for the monitoring and management of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Regional incidence on the rise

As of September 13, the regional incidence in Normandy has seen a significant increase of 34.6% compared to last week and stands at 185.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants:

  • Normandy : + 34.6% (SPF incidence rate from 04/09 to 10/09: 185.5)
  • Calvados : + 45.5% (SPF incidence rate from 04/09 to 10/09: 211.7)
  • Eure : + 47.5% (SPF incidence rate from 04/09 to 10/09: 171.1)
  • Sleeve : + 20.9% (SPF incidence rate from 04/09 to 10/09: 184.8)
  • adorns : + 67.8% (SPF incidence rate from 04/09 to 10/09: 169.5)
  • Seine-Maritime : + 24.4% (SPF incidence rate from 04/09 to 10/09: 181.6)

The reproduction number (R) increases and stands at 1.36.

The virus is circulating again more in the population: in this context, vaccination and respect for barrier gestures are essentials to protect themselves and others

Vaccination and respect for barrier gestures remain essential to protect ourselves, protect others and protect our health system as a whole.

The second booster dose (or “4th dose”) is strongly recommended for people most at risk of developing a severe form of the disease: people aged 60 and over; adults at risk of severe form and those around them; pregnant women.

To continue to prevent the spread of viruses, keep the good reflexes acquired throughout the crisis by ventilating regularly, by washing your hands often, by using hydroalcoholic gel.

Wearing a mask is highly recommended and necessary in situations of great promiscuity, in closed and poorly ventilated places, such as public transport, and in particular in the presence of fragile people. It is also recommended for the most vulnerable people.

Furthermoredue to the fragility of the people received and the current level of circulation of the virus, wearing a mask remains very strongly recommended, when possible, in establishments welcoming the elderly or a majority of people at risk of a serious form of Covid-19.

In the slightest doubt, or in the event of symptomslet’s get tested and self-isolate immediately if the test is positive.

The rising positivity rate

Between September 4 and 10, 30,223 people were tested, 6,136 of whom tested positive. The positivity rate increased to 20.30% against 18.74% at the last situation update on August 31.

Hospitalizations continue their decline

As of September 12, 713 people with Covid-19 are hospitalized (882 at the last update on August 31), including 26 in intensive care (36 at the last update).

Normandy still mobilized for vaccination and the recall campaign

The vaccination campaign is continuing in Normandy, and in particular in terms of booster vaccination, for which total mobilization is essential to reduce the risk of catching Covid-19 and developing serious forms such as “long Covid” or hospitalizations , especially among the most vulnerable.

As of September 8, since the launch of the vaccination campaign, 7,942,217 injections have been carried out on the Normandy population, including 2,504,701 boosters (cumulative): mobilization must be continued, in particular for the second booster dose.

The 2nd booster dose or “4th dose” is strongly recommended for people most at risk of having a severe form of the disease

Over the months, the effectiveness of vaccines decreases slightly as long as the organism is not stimulated by the encounter with the virus.

The injection of the second booster dose is recommended for people most at risk of having a severe form of the disease to boost immunity and guarantee the highest level of protection against Covid-19.

As of now and what is his Covid history, the 2th reminder is recommended for (see summary table to download here):

  • people aged 60 and over
  • people at risk of severe form of Covid or living people in their entourage
  • pregnant women from the first trimester

It is also open to healthcare professionals (list available here) and to all employees in the health and medico-social sector, to home helpers working with vulnerable people, to medical transport professionals, as well as to firefighters who wants it, regardless of their age or state of health. It does not fall within the scope of the vaccination obligation. This second booster should be administered from 6 months after the first booster, respecting a period of 3 months after the infection in the event of infection occurring after the first booster.

For all other people, a booster dose is recommended from the age of 12.

The possibilities of vaccination are numerous, in particular with city professionals. (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, etc.), supplied so that each person can be protected.

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