Corgis and Elizabeth II’s favorite horse wait for her coffin to pass through Windsor

Passionate about animals, the sovereign was always accompanied by her famous corgis, her eternal companions. Elizabeth II also lived her entire life to the rhythm of her passion for horses.

Thousands of people came to greet the cortege carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during a long procession from London to Windsor Castle, the sovereign’s final resting place. For this last tribute, the two passions of Elizabeth II – horses and corgis – also took part in this ceremony.

On the side of The Long Walk, a 4.5 km long path that leads to Windsor Castle, the queen’s coffin notably passed in front of Emma, ​​​​her favorite horse. Rider, horse racing enthusiast, gambler, breeder… All her life, the queen was passionate about the equestrian world. Until winning exceptional horse prizes and continuing to ride at more than 94 years old.

Muick and Sandy, the corgis

They have been the faithful companions of Queen Elizabeth II for decades: her famous Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a breed of dogs which she has always framed. She would have had about thirty corgis during her life. They had their own room in Buckingham, the “corgi room”, where the wicker baskets on which they slept were located, raised to avoid drafts.

To recall this passion, two of his corgis, Muick and Sandy, were present this Monday in Windsor, when the procession passed the gates of the estate.

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