Collection: 800 kg of donations for dogs and cats

What a good collection on this Saturday, July 30 in front of the Intermarché store in Jussey! Michaela, one of the active volunteers of Les Vagabonds du 52, welcomed the donors, under the benevolent eye of Vincent Girardot, the store manager. The store participates in this collection of food for dogs and cats and makes a trolley available all year round at the exit of the store so that customers can drop off their donations of food and accessories. Twice a year, the association organizes a whole day of collection in front of the store in order to be able to meet and discuss with the generous donors. Saturday was a good and rich day which made it possible to collect no less than 800 kg of canned food and kibble for dogs and cats, toys, litter, rolls of garbage bags and cleaning products. . Michaela clarifies: “We adopt a hundred cats a year, last year 60 kittens under 1 year old and 40 adults. We have also sterilized around fifty cats returned to the site thanks to certain municipalities which have signed agreements with 30 million friends. We must not forget that we have to honor around €35,000 in veterinary bills per year. » The association, which was created on September 4, 2016 with the shelter purchased on July 4, 2018, needs support and is calling for volunteers, in particular for cleaning the cats, which takes place every morning from 9 a.m., without count the additional four hours of work depending on the season. Michaela is satisfied with Saturday’s results but adds: “We always need donations of money or litter, kibble, cat food and toys, we are counting on generous donors. »

Contact: Vagabonds at 52, 66, rue de Beaulieu 52600 Hortes; email: [email protected]

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