Club: Galtier explains the rules of life in force at PSG

The arrival of Christophe Galtier, supported by the football adviser Luis Campos, was followed by a hardening of the rules of life of the Parisian group. The French technician, however, believes that the efforts required of the players are not insurmountable and differ from circulating rumors.

Christophe Galtier wanted to detail the rules in force in the PSG locker room himself. The new Parisian coach insisted on reestablishing his truth on this subject during an interview with the Parisian Tuesday, August 2, and published the day before the trip to Clermont: “I’m going to come back to the bonds because everything I hear annoys me a little, did he say. Me, at the level of the group, I speak only in French. That doesn’t prevent me from asking my staff to translate certain things to avoid misunderstandings. But there is no obligation to speak French in the locker room. »

“There are Argentines, Portuguese, Spaniards. Why would they speak to each other in French? I worked abroad. When I meet a francophone, I speak French to him. These obligations are pure fantasy! » Also qualified unsubstantiated rumors about an alleged ban on mobile phones at the table. ” It’s wrong ! I just ask them to cut the bells and not answer at the table. But I do not prohibit them from watching a football match live anyway or from receiving an urgent call ”added Galtier.

Punctuality, cement of the locker room

To enforce discipline within the group, Galtier and his management went a little further. “We have also established rules in terms of time slots, breakfast and shared lunch.he explains. But there is no police surveillance for each of their alleys and places. » Nothing new, however, according to him, since when the“We spend a lot of time together, in hotels or at Camp des Loges, you just have to establish certain principles for it to be pleasant. Same for schedules: everyone has to be on time otherwise it creates incidents that could annoy. For the respect of people who are on time, I am on time, that’s the basis. » Violators are notified.

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