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The Animal Touch is already at its 10the episode. This new issue will be broadcast tonight on the Brut app. and will deal with a subject that concerns all pet owners, especially as we approach the end of the year and the summer season. It’s about the holidays with his companion.

Like every Tuesday, Yoann Latouche gives you an appointment for a new episode of ” The Animal Touch », the show for animal lovers which will be broadcast this evening at 7 p.m., live, on the application Raw.. You will also be able to see it in replay on Woopets.

Last week, the animal expert discussed the topic of adopting a puppy with his guests Nicholas Waldorf and Chloe Fesch. Today, the chosen subject is vacations with your pet.

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Being accompanied by your dog or cat on vacation necessarily requires preparation and organization. From transport to the destination, through the activities and the necessary to plan, there are many aspects to take into account when you want your animal to be part of it.

Mélanie and Ilana, owners of globe-trotting dogs

Taking your dog on a trip is even quite easy with good organization and above all, what a joy to share your discoveries with your faithful companion. », recalls, indeed and rightly, Melanie on his site Traveler Dog where it provides Internet users with a wide variety of guides. With his dog MaidoBorder Collie who has accompanied her for 4 years, she has had adventures and discoveries in the 4 corners of the globe and helps, with her wise advice, those who want to do the same to take the plunge.

She is one of the guests of this 10e episode of The Animal Touchthe 2e being Ilanainfluencer, blogger and Van Life follower better known as Ausskylouva on Instagram. Her hikes and trips are followed by more than 31 thousand followers on the social network, where she shares the limelight with her female dogs Lou (Siberian Husky/Samoyed cross) and ova (Australian shepherd).

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Yoann Latouche will therefore have the pleasure of exchanging with these 2 enthusiasts around this theme of going on vacation with your pet. The opportunity for owners to stock up on information and tips on the issue.

To follow this 10th issue of La Touche Animale, go to the app Raw. this Tuesday, October 25 at 7 p.m. It will also be available for replay on Woopets.


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