Cléguérec: sheep killed by dogs, the town hall alert

Slaughtered or drowned after being pushed towards the river: sheep were killed by two stray dogs in Cléguérec (Morbihan). © Illustrative photo/ Archives

“It’s a bit psychosis on the town…” confides Marc Ropers, mayor of Cleguerecclose to Pontivy (Morbihan). For about ten days, two dogs attack sheepwhether they are in a herd or more isolated; 9 were killed…

Slaughtered by two dogs or driven to drown

“These are major attacks, on the western part of the town,” said the mayor of Cléguérec. And to clarify: “We once had 7 sheep either dead slaughtered that is no Yes after being pushed towards the river. Another time, it is two sheep killed elsewhere. »

This is not the first time that the municipality has been confronted with this phenomenon: “We have already had this kind of episode at the beginning of the year 2022″, recalls Marc Ropers.

According to the testimonies, it is about two dogs which attack in the middle of the night or early in the morning. “They wander around the town, we don’t know who they belong to. It is complicated… “

The town hall calls for witnesses

The town hall of Cléguérec launches a call for witnesses to release all information likely to identify the owners, and to call people to the vigilance ; through this, she also hopes that the owners of these two dogs will be able to come forward. Just call 02 97 38 00 15.

“The owners of the sheep are already traumatizedMoreover, they have to pay the rendering for their sheep…” comments Marc Ropers, who advises owners of attacked sheep to file a complaint to the gendarmerie, informed of these facts.

17 sheep killed in Saint-Aignan in the spring

The town hall of Cléguérec is getting closer to its neighboring municipalities for informants or to make connections…

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In the spring of 2022, no less than 17 sheep, pregnant ewes and lambs were killed by two dogs, whose owners had been identified by the gendarmes; one of the two dogs had been euthanized. A few days before this attack in Saint-Aignan, two mountain bikers had been attacked by two dogs, in the same area as the killed sheep.

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