Claude Puel’s doubts about the title of OM champion in 1992

Invited Thursday in the After on RMC for the promotion of his biography “Libre”, Claude Puel looked back on his years as an AS Monaco player in the 90s. Seasons over the course of serious doubts about the results of the championship of France.

“This is not a book to settle scores,” warns Claude Puel. Invited Thursday in the After to talk about “Libre”, his biography (Editions Solar), the coach, currently without a club, nevertheless looks back on a troubled period in French football, in the early 90s. The former tireless defensive midfielder of AS Monaco, who has spent his entire career on the Rock, has not forgotten the 1991-1992 season.

At that time, ASM was the number one rival of Bernard Tapie’s OM. During the summer of 1992, Arsène Wenger, then coach of Monaco, made many player changes during the transfer window. “I learned then that some of my teammates had not played fair, that they had been encouraged to slow down during certain matches”, writes Claude Puel in his book.

“It hurt me a lot”

These suspicions of corruption have always hovered over Marseille leaders. These will fall after the OM-VA affair which will break out later. “I said enough in the book, for me it’s in the past, reacted Claude Puel on RMC. It’s something that touched me, especially compared to some of my teammates. “imagine. When I defend my colors, my teammates, in colorful terms, we go to war. We fulfill all the functions. It hurt me a lot. I’ve already said it, I’m not going to go into the details.” Does the ex-Monegasque who finished OM runner-up in 1991 and 1992 believe he was deprived of the league title in those years? “We can consider it given how certain matches went,” discovered the person concerned.

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