Christophe Galtier is tackled at the National Assembly

Paris Saint-Germain and its coach, Christophe Galtier, keep talking, even in places where you least expect it. The Parisian coach was this time targeted in the National Assembly while the ecologist deputy, Cyrielle Chatelain, responded to the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. To denounce, according to her, the masquerade of the government about the policy of discount at the pump, Ms. Chatelain, president of the environmental group at the Palais Bourbon, imagined her proposals by taking as an example the Parisian coach and his car.

What’s next after this ad

“You are implementing a pump discount of 7.6 billion euros. And for whom? For who ? For Christophe Galtier and his Lamborghini? Because this discount benefits the richest twice as much” the member got carried away in the middle of the debate. Not sure that this rant will please the main interested party while the sand yachting controversy is still in everyone’s head.

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