Charges dropped against Haredi accused of breaching lockdown

Police have dropped charges against an ultra-Orthodox man they apparently tried to “frame” for breaching the lockdown during the 2020 Passover holiday, Channel 12 reported Monday.

After the man insulted the officers responsible for enforcing the lockdown, they entered his home and fined him NIS 5,000, the maximum fine usually reserved for people participating in unlawful assemblies.

However, after his attorney presented the footage provided by the man, along with police body camera video which clearly showed the man never left his property, the police withdrew his charge.

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“You can hear it in the recording: they decided to approach him and fine him NIS 5,000, despite the man staying at home as per the lockdown guidelines,” Twelfth told chain, Shmuel Horowitz, the defense attorney.

Horowitz said they are waiting for the judge in charge of the case to receive notification from the police and dismiss the case, after which they have allowed to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Illustrative: Israeli police enforcing lockdown restrictions at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv on January 25, 2021. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Horowitz also defended his client’s behavior which hurt the officers.

“They provided to close the synagogue, it was a very sensitive moment at the beginning of the coronavirus. People were a little shocked that they weren’t allowed to pray in the Jewish state,” said Horowitz, who argued that his client’s insults at the officers weren’t serious enough to warrant a call. sanction.

In response, police said in a statement that “after the charge, the prosecution received additional evidence that they had not had before.” The prosecution then reconsidered the evidence and decided to drop the charges.”

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