cats left to fend for themselves causing water damage in a building

According to the elements collected by the police, the felines in question would have taken advantage of the absence of their masters to play with the faucet and the shower head, causing a water leak.

A mysterious flood whose origin became obvious when the police finally gained access to the apartment. A few days ago, a resident of the city of Landau, in southwestern Germany, was the victim of a curious water damage caused… by cats living on the upper floor.

No answer to the apartment above

Mannheim24 reports that this Saturday, September 17, the resident in question noticed drops of water beading from her ceiling, a flow that became more and more important as the day went on. During the evening, she went to knock on the door of the apartment located just above hers, but got no answer.

Worried about a possible domestic drama, but also about seeing his ceiling little by little transformed into a sponge, the tenant therefore called the police, who intervened on the spot a few minutes later. After clearing the door, law enforcement was able to see with reduction that no human being revealed itself inside.

The owners of the cats summoned to the police station

The police also quickly understood where the leak was coming from. In the bathroom, the agents found several cats, belonging to the occupants of the accommodation, who had left for a few days. Not far from the felines was the shower head, pouring a steady stream of water onto the floor.

According to the first observations and conclusions of the police, the cats left to their own devices in the empty accommodation had had the bad idea of ​​playing with the shower tap, opening it as they passed, but also with the showerhead, which they had managed to divert onto the bathroom floor. Upon their return home, the owners of the animals were therefore left for a visit to the police station. Let’s bet they’ll remember to close the bathroom door the next time they go away for the weekend.

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