The foal attacked by dogs not yet out of the woods

Early, a one-year-old zangersheide foal dedicated to obstacle competition, was the victim of a violent attack by two dogs, in Senots (Oise), Monday, November 21. Very badly after the interaction, the foal is still closely monitored by veterinarians. Recorded by a private surveillance camera, the scene is violent, difficult to watch. It is around 1:30 … Read more

Puppy mills are over!

24.11.2022 Thumbnail The conditions for approval in dog and cat farms, pensions, shelters and commercial establishments in Wallonia will be reinforced from 1 March 2023. A transitional period is planned to allow the actors concerned to be able to adapt their infrastructures. The Walloon Government has adopted the decree relating to the conditions for the … Read more

Dogs can also help us fight cancer

Several studies have shown that “Fido” can be a valuable ally against cancer. Here is a comment. Dogs can help us fight cancer in many ways. A few years, for example, scientists train our best friends to detect tumors, with exceptional results. Indeed, several studies have shown that dogs have been able to identify the … Read more

Nuisances: here are the main lines of the Interior strategy to fight against stray dogs and rabies

By Hassan Benadad on 11/28/2022 at 8:41 p.m. (updated on 11/28/2022 at 11:25 p.m.) Kiosk360. The Ministry of the Interior has declared, during the last five years, a budget of nearly 70,000 dirhams for the acquisition of vehicles and equipment dedicated to the collection of stray dogs or dogs suffering from rabies. Details in this … Read more

And now, sniffer dogs… for water leaks

Some dogs are known for their ability to detect drugs or explosives, less so for spotting water leaks. And yet, in Essonne, Le Parisien followed two canine squads who went to inspect kilometers of pipes. Their dogs, border collies or German shepherds, are used to detect the smell of chlorine, synonymous with a potential water … Read more

dogs trained to hunt down bed punishes

In an apartment on rue du Faubourg-Raines in Dijon, 18-month-old Saphyr is the center of attention. She scans a room before stopping and lying down in front of a suitcase placed in a cupboard. Two dogs for more details Saphyr is a Malinois. She was trained by Pierre Pierret and Candy Sieffert from the Alpha … Read more

An association of Deux-Sèvres is looking for families to welcome dogs and cats from Ukraine

Their names are Basilio, Kiki, Rubik… these cats and dogs from Ukraine are looking for new families. The Arche et Relais association, in Thouars in the Deux-Sèvres, is launching a call to find temporary foster families and adopters. “We have contacts there, south of kyiv, the situation is very serious. There are bombings, power cuts, … Read more

The 5 most common domestic accidents in our pets and the solutions to avoid them

Whether you have one or more dogs or cats, one of the biggest fears is that something serious will happen to the animals. At home, they are not completely safe from an accident, especially if the home is not properly secured. Between electrical appliances, potentially toxic substances and heat sources in particular, the dangers are … Read more