This cat sees snow for the first time in its life and its reaction speaks for itself (video)

This cat sees snow for the first time in its life and its reaction speaks for itself (video)

The wonder of which our pets are capable is one of the countless reasons why we never tire of loving and contemplating them. A video recently shared on TikTok showing a cat totally obsessed with snow is the perfect illustration of this. © TRIPP and MOO / TikTok There is something fascinating and magical about … Read more

Stray cat seeks temporary shelter for this winter

Stray cat seeks temporary shelter for this winter

Hundreds of mini-construction sites will soon give birth to as many small shelters for stray cats, scattered in courtyards, on balconies and in alleys this winter. Made by good Samaritans, these houses help to keep tomcats warm, but also to tackle the scourge of feline overpopulation. Posted at 11:00 a.m. By her own admission, Sophie … Read more

“Not everything went as planned…” (video)

Cayden’s video is going viral on TikTok. With more than 19 million views, we can see the first meeting between her newborn… and her cat. Except that, as the American writes on the social network, “everything did not go as planned…”. videos As can be seen in the pictures, the feline has started to smell … Read more

Alès: after the cats, Anne-Lyse Messager is positioned as a standard-bearer in the defense of pigeons

This Alésienne from the city center launched a request and demanded the establishment of contraceptive dovecotes. This resident of the heart of the city of Alès had been talked about at the beginning of the year 2021 by mobilizing for the defense of stray cats. After a petition sent to the Mesopinions website, which had … Read more

SOS Chat has found its masters!

Young male cat, white and red, found on November 23 on the quays of the Messageries. Who owns it? White and ginger, with a tabby tail, this young cat was found on Wednesday November 23. “Clean, sociable, seeks caresses, playful and very interested in preparing his bowl! Distinctive feature: large eyes… but no apparent tattoo…” … Read more

A chain of solidarity is created to put an end to the ordeal of 2 kittens, abandoned in a dumpster

The 2 young felines had been stuck there for a day or 2, but eventually came to report their distress to another cat who got stranded there. By doing this, they freed to find a way to find the light of day… © City of Montarnaud / Facebook ” An incredible act of abuse » … Read more