horses, dogs, cats, rabbits… animals in poor condition seized in Pont-de-Loup!

Published on Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 07:05 By Marie Degel This Friday, the SPA went to Pont-de-Loup and discovered there about twenty living animals in deplorable conditions. They were all taken care of by a veterinarian and received first aid. In the Bois district of Pont-de-Loup, the police were informed that several dogs were … Read more

Surprised by meows coming from a soda dispenser, the employee of a store calls the fire department

The curiosity of a kitten put him in a very bad position, since he found himself stuck inside a drink dispenser. An employee of the store where the machine is located informed the firefighters, who intervened quickly. © Town of Morristown – Government A kitten trapped in a soda machine has not only been freed … Read more

Stray Cat With Broken Hip And Frozen Ears Asked For Help And Is Now A Happy Cat

Being a stray cat on the streets of Montreal, Quebec is not easy. Extreme winter temperatures make life difficult and can cause irreparable damage. But with lots of love and care, this ailing ginger cat transformed. © Orphan Kittens Montreal – COM / Facebook Cheetosof his first name, spent his first 3 years alone outside … Read more

Fine and damages for shooting a cat

The court of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) condemned this Wednesday a 73-year-old man to pay a fine and to pay damages. The man was convicted of shooting a cat with a rifle in April 2021 near his home on the island of Bréhat (Côtes-d’Armor). He had been seen by a neighbor, says West France. His trial took … Read more

“The personality of cats reminds me of … / Foot & Animals /

By denouncing the violence of Kurt Zouma on his cat, he released one of the most famous memes of this beginning of the year 2022: today, Frank Lebœuf is committed to animals by embodying PETA France’s new campaign to promote adoption. Interview with a madman of dogs and cats. Proposed by Brice Bossavie Thursday June … Read more

She kept 111 cats in her house in deplorable hygienic conditions in Savoie

A 44-year-old woman appeared on Monday June 27, 2022 before the correctional court of Albertville (Savoie) for “voluntary abandonment of a domestic animal, tamed or captive”. 111 cats lived with her in her house in Saint-Julien-Montdenis (Savoie) in deplorable sanitary conditions. Six months in prison were required against the defendant, report The Liberated Dauphine. Judgment … Read more