Casablanca: this is how the authorities deal with the proliferation of pigeons


By Amine Lamkhaida and Anas Zaidaoui on 09/18/2022 at 3:31 p.m.

In order to reduce the population of pigeons in the economic capital, the Casablanca Baia company has started capturing these birds in the different districts of the city to move them out of the urban area.


The Casablanca Baia company has started the pigeon capture operation to counter their proliferation. This is confirmed by Mohamed Haris, supervisor of the Casablanca Baia company, who adds that this measure was taken after numerous complaints.

“The droppings of pigeons disturb the people of Casablanca and constitute a source of inconvenience for them”, indicates Mohamed Haris, adding that these droppings can transmit diseases to human beings.

Abdellatif Chatti, head of the unit for the fight against disease-carrying birds, said that the pigeon capture operation aims, in fact, to control and reduce the population of these birds.

He adds, moreover, that the company returns the pigeons, sought after within the city of Casablanca, to natural places outside the urban environment.

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