Caroline (Married at first sight) pays tribute to her dog who died tragically two years ago

In an Instagram post published this Wednesday, September 21, Caroline (Married at first sight) paid tribute to Lupi, his dog who died because of a hunter.

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This year, M6 viewers discovered the bubbly Caroline thanks to the romance show Married at first sight. Quickly, the young woman caused a sensation with the fans of the program. And for good reason: in addition to her atypical personality, Caroline revealed her living environment, in a hamlet, at an altitude of 1,600 meters, with her 3-year-old son and her eighteen dogs! Lover of animals, the reality TV candidate does not however have only good experiences with these beings that she cherishes so much. Indeed, she was the victim of a terrible tragedy: the death of her dog Lupi, which occurred in September 2020. A tragic loss which left indelible marks.

“A hunter decided to kill her”

This Wednesday, September 21, Caroline paid tribute to her dog Lupi, who died two years earlier in a hunting accident: “Lupi, this is one of the saddest stories of my life”she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post dedicated to the dog. “After years of shelter, I had welcomed this beautiful wolf-dog granny home, in foster care. Before she decided to go live with Damien and his dog Marley, forever… or rather for a month and a half”, she continued, before adding: “Since a local hunter decided to kill her on September 19, 2020. It’s a date that unfortunately I will never forget.” To do justice to her animal, the reality TV candidate had decided to launch a petition “request the withdrawal of the hunting license” of the hunter in question. Results ? “The petition had received over 72,000 signatures.” But, despite the support of associations and those close to her, Caroline still has trouble digesting this painful episode.

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Caroline does not want to put her child in school

On Monday, September 5, when schools were now reopening their doors, Caroline’s child was missing. The reason ? The mother is not at all convinced by the system put in place by the National Education. “In general, I find that it is a context that gives children a lot of limits. Therefore, they are taught to be more or less the same”she revealed, before sharing her experience as a student. “Personally, everything I was forced to learn in school, I have no memory of. The only things I still use today that I learned in school are things that interest me.” This is why Caroline decided not to enroll her son in school. The opportunity for the mother-star to keep her toddler closer to her and her 18 dogs, which allows her to alleviate the still sharp pain linked to the disappearance of Lupi.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

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