Canton of Bern: An albino deer killed by a foreign hunter


Canton of BernAlbino deer killed by foreign hunter

Even though the legend says that it brings bad luck, a Bosnian shot a rare deer in the canton of Bern. Nothing prevents him from doing so.

Curious people went to the scene to try to see the rare animal.


In recent months, the presence of an albino deer had given curious people who hoped to see the white animal wandering in the Konolfingen region, in the canton of Bern. A reader of the “Berner Zeitung” says he tried to see the deer several times.

And on one of his recent walks around the area, he almost witnessed his being put to death. He says he noticed the presence of a car registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Then a dog ran across the path I was on, a shot was fired, and then I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he told the Bernese daily. Because it was there that he saw the white deer, lying on the ground, shot.

Woe to him who shoots

He says he yelled his anger at the hunter who replied, in approximate German, that he had all the papers in order to be authorized to hunt in Switzerland. Wildlife warden Fritz Dürig confirmed that the law does not prohibit the killing of albino animals and that Bosnian hunting permits are in principle recognized in Switzerland.

But although legal, the shooting is controversial. “The man was insensitive and did the hunting world a disservice,” says the wildlife warden, who says it is well known in hunting circles that these animals should not be killed. These albino animals are indeed rare, but that’s not all. Legend has it that shooting an albino deer is an act that brings bad luck. The shooter did not care.


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