Cancer, diabetes: what dogs can do for our health

The French love dogs. And if the cats try to overtake them on the podium of favorite pets, they always remain in the lead. Faithful, overflowing with unconditional love, some also have exceptional skills that their masters do not lack relays on social networks. For several years now, health professionals have become aware of what they can bring to human beings.. And the results are sometimes amazing.

Purr therapy and more: the power of animals

Everyone knows that a guide dog can perform feats for its blind master. the purring of cats has a real therapeutic power because it is possible, by hearing it, to have the heart rate which calms down, but also to have better blood pressure.

People who have pets or who works with them are much less likely to have depressive episodes. A recent Japanese study has shown that the level of oxytocin (the famous hormone of happiness) increases significantly, if only by exchanging a long look with his friend the dog.

Just the fact of having to promising your dog has, de facto, an effect on sedentary lifestyle and therefore a positive impact on health (less diabetes, overweight, cardiovascular disease, etc.).

If dogs and cats are on the front line, let’s not forget theequine therapy ; either horse therapy; who no longer has anything to prove to help sick children; including some who suffer from a relevant autism spectrum problem or have behavioral problems.

But back to our dog friends. We know that dogs, because of their exceptional sense of smell (they can, even when several scents mingle, manage to distinguish them one by one), can find people under the rubble, under the snow, after avalanches and even detect explosives and drugs. Their sense of smell is so developed that they can help doctors do preventive medicine.

The flair of dogs to the rescue of man:

Of course, not everyone is qualified to do so. As with humans, there are dogs who have more predispositions to such and such a thing, who are more intelligent than others, etc.

But it is now proven that some dogs can be trained to detect cancer cells with their nose!

Whether it’s the breast cancer cellsin the case of breast cancer, prostate or lung cancerdogs can decelerate the signs of the disease very early.

For that, they only have to sniff people’s breath (lung cancer), the smell of their urine, in the case of the prostate to react in the event of proven cancer. It is obvious that if this detection goes a little outside the classic framework of health, as we know it, animal therapy (thus the fact of treating with animals) is beginning to prove itself.

For patients, this is very good news because the detection is done while the cancer is still in its infancy. Supported more quickly, the care protocol is less cumbersome and the chances of survival much higher.

Besides Cancer, Dogs Can Help people with diabetes. This can be very interesting, especially for young children who are not yet familiar with their treatment or who rebel a little against this unfair disease. The dog, smells, well before the first signs, the arrival of a hypoglycemic crisis, to intervene in time. For this case, in particular, the scientists cannot yet understand how their police, but the evidence is there: it works…

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