Can the ostrich be a pet?

No, the ostrich is considered a wild animal, and is not part of the list of domestic animals, defined as species that have undergone modifications by man and are different from the primitive wild form from which it comes . This makes its breeding complicated, subject to more restrictive regulations than those required for goats and sheep, which are domestic animals.

The breeding of wild animals is regulated

Breeders must have a certificate of proficiency – issued for a probationary period of five years by the prefecture on presentation of a file, examined by a commission which meets every eighteen to twenty-four months. But they must also complete an internship, lasting six months to a year for holders of an agricultural diploma, and three years for others. “This stadium, which is not funded, discourages potential buyers,” laments Claude Serougne, president of the Association of Ostrich Breeders of France. They are currently about fifty, who have been campaigning for more than three years to facilitate the installation of farms. This should develop the sector: currently, of the approximately 5,000 tonnes of ostrich meat consumed in France, only 1,500 are produced in France.

By Laura Hendricks

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