Can the boar be a pet? – 1 p.m. newspaper

At Sylvia and William’s, there are the two goats, Caroline and Juju, chickens, geese and much surprising Maurice, an eight-year-old wild boar adopted by the couple. The animal has become famous in spite of itself for three and a half years and a denunciation which is worth to its owners to be prosecuted by justice. They have a lot of support and they would like to be left alone. Maurice was taken in a few weeks after his birth on the property of the couple with the hope today of adopting him definitively. Otherwise, he could be euthanized. To the chagrin of his neighbour, who is still a hunter: “I don’t see why we are going to euthanize a wild boar that does no harm to anyone. Even being a hunter, I can’t see myself going to shoot a wild boar that is locked up for a while and who comes to say hello”. Growing support since the beginning of the case, in particular from animal protection associations, the Brigitte Bardot foundation and many anonymous people sensitive to the fate of Mauritius. In the event of a favorable decision, Sylvia and William have already planned to enlarge the enclosure where they live, in the village of Le Jardin. TF1 | Report C. Paredes, E. Sarre


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