can pets and wallets go hand in hand?

See you this evening, Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m., for a new issue of La Touche Animale, with Yoann Latouche and his guest of the day: veterinarian Hélène Gateau. We will talk about money and advice to better manage the costs related to your animal.

Inflation and purchasing power are on everyone’s lips at the moment, given the complicated economic context we are experiencing for various reasons: geopolitical conflicts, repercussions of the health crisis, rising costs of raw materials and energy… Pet owners are obviously concerned and strive to keep a balanced budget without affecting the quality of care and life of their canine, feline or other friends.

Managing expenses related to owning an animal is precisely the theme of the 5e episode of ” The Animal Touch », the show presented by the animal expert Yoann Latouche. This new number will be broadcast tonight at 7 p.m. and live on the app well as in replay on Woopets.

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The previous meeting had been an opportunity for rabbit lovers to gather valuable advice on this fascinating animal. The veterinarian David Guillier and the influencer lemon balmguests of Yoann Latouche, had indicated the subject in depth and answered many questions around the pet lagomorph. An episode that you can watch again on Woopets, 1st independent media dedicated to pets in France.

Pet Owners and the Budget Puzzle

This Tuesday, September 20, The Animal Touch will deal with the difficulty of managing expenses for his animal. She’s the veterinarian and TV presenter Helen Gateau (@helenegateauoff) who will intervene to discuss this problem that many owners face and will deliver his recommendations for controlling costs.

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How can we reduce the bill for our pets? How can I best manage the purchases and expenses related to my animal? These are the questions contained around the show will be animated.

To follow this 5th issue of The Animal Touchlog in to the app Raw. this Tuesday, September 20 at 7 p.m. This episode will also be available for replay on Woopets.


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