California: 59-year-old man dies after being attacked by a pack of dogs

A 50-year-old did not survive an attack by a pack of dogs that mutilated him to death.

Deadly dog ​​attack

This drama occurred last Sunday, July 31 in California at the United States. A 59-year-old American was out for a walk in the neighborhood when a pack of dogs attacked him in the street. When Selma County Police responded, an individual was already attempting to chase the dogs away and free the victim. The person who rescued the 50-year-old was also bitten by a dog. The victim was rushed to hospital, but succumbed to his injuries.

Dogs placed in quarantine

For the purposes of the investigation, the dogs were selected and placed in quarantine. According to eyewitnesses, the escaped from a residence and attacked the 59-year-old man.
The owner of the dogs, interviewed by the investigators, was cooperative, report The website revealed that in 2020 across the Atlantic, 46 people would have died as a result of dog bites.

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