Cabestany: financial support for the guide dog school

Many partners have mobilized so that Pixel, a guide dog for the blind, can accompany the daily life of Valérie Pomarède, president of the association L’amicale des impaired visuals du Roussillon.

A new brand, the La Fosseille du Crédit Agricole group, has just joined the many donating companies, supplementing, with a check for €1,000, the sum required for the donation of a companion with exceptional skills coupled with loyalty and with an unfailing love for his master.

It was at the downtown branch, headed by Jean-Charles Garcia, in the presence of Jean-Louis Ceilles, former president of the local bank and his successor Jean-Claude Torrent, that this financial contribution was given to Guillaume Despax educator of Pixel at the school of guide dogs in Toulouse founded by the Lions club.

Pixel is the 22nd dog offered to a visually impaired person in the department, says the educator. These extraordinary animals have received a double training. Weaned early, the dog is first placed in a foster family who will socialize it. Then, from his first birthday, he will begin to learn his work as a guide, finalized ten months later by a certificate of aptitude. What they do is amazing “. Valérie followed the course of any visually impaired person motivated by the help of a guide dog which will be given to them free of charge. After compiling a file, she was welcomed for two days at the association to determine her needs and her capacities An individual and personalized approach very adapted accompanied.The master and his dog form a duo whose proper functioning depends on the complicity and complementarity they create from the delivery stage which lasts two weeks at school and at home.“, adds Guillaume Despax.

Lying at Valérie’s feet, silent but no less receptive, Pixel occasionally raises a protective gaze at his mistress whose life he shares. “I salute the humanitarian spirit of local Crédit Agricole, she says, who is already at the origin of the donation of many electronic white canes and tandem bicycles which allow us to go out with volunteer pilots“.

Jean-Claude Torrent ensures that the group will continue its role of support and proximity dear to the company since its creation.

The association of guide dogs is the type of important and vital structure that we follow and which responds to the mutualist spirit of Crédit Agricole “.

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