“Buy a puppy for its character, not for its looks”

“You have to buy an animal for its character, not for its look. This is the first recommendation of Bernard Moreau, the organizer of the Puppy Show, Saturday and Sunday at the Parc-Expo in Saint-Étienne. This is the first time he has come to the Loire prefecture. This annual meeting was once offered by the Ioupsi and Joke company, but its boss has turned to another activity.

400 puppies of 40 breeds

“Someone who is ready to pay 3,000 euros, a dwarf spitz, but who does not come home for lunch at noon to take it out, the breeder will not sell it to him” insists this specialist in canine events, since 2005. He knows well the philosophy of the twenty-four farms present this weekend. It has, more or less, the same breeders on its shows. They come with their animals from all over France.

In total, 400 puppies of forty breeds will be presented to the public. American, Australian, Belgian and Shetland Shepherds, Bichons, Borders…

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