“Bubbles” of sexual partners against monkeypox

At this time, the WHO does not consider monkeypox to be a sexually transmitted infection (STI): “Although the monkeypox virus has been detected in semen, it is not yet known whether it can be transmitted through semen or vaginal secretions”, writes the organization. However, the disease is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact or by secretions from the respiratory tract, “and, therefore, during sexual intercourse”, summarize the economic information site Quartz.

“The risk of contracting monkeypox is not limited to sexually active people or men who have sex with men. [HSH], also writes the WHO, but given the current human-to-human transmission of the virus in this community, the [HSH] could currently be at risk. […] According to figures released at the end of July by the world organization, 98% of monkeypox patients outside of Africa are gay and bisexual men. “This may be because this population group generally has positive health-seeking behavior” and is in fact highly represented in screening figures, note the WHO.

Pending the implementation of tests and the improvement of vaccination coverage, Quartz write a comment

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