Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “I have a champion team”

“How did you find your group after the victory against Lyon on Sunday (3-2), before a new series of close matches?

We gave two days off and I found an enthusiastic, hard-working group, focused on what we asked of them, with a good working atmosphere and a good mood. Now, you have to concentrate on this beginning of the block.

Do you see this trip to Angers (19th) as an opportunity to get even closer to the podium, while at the top of the table, Marseille will receive Lens, in particular?
That is the big danger. Obviously, we are told there is OM-Lens, Lille-Monaco and you have the possibility… But for that, you will have to win at Angers. It’s a team in difficulty, of course, but in Toulouse (2-3, last Sunday), at one point, they were closer to 2-2 than 1-3. They are a team with attacking potential and we will have to be at our best level to win there, remembering last year’s match (0-2, August 29, 2021).

“Nobody gives up, even those who play a little less, and as long as we have that, we will be difficult to move, we have to cultivate it. »

After eleven rounds, you have scored more points and goals than last season, the best in club history in terms of points and goals scored. What inspires you?
We don’t pay attention to that. The points mean that we are within the passing times for the objectives, that’s above all that. We are almost there, even if we are still missing a few points to be completely there, because we always say that it is two points per game on average that allow us to be on the podium (Rennes is at 1.91 ). But it is above all the content of the matches that is interesting, and this new character of the team in difficult times. This is what I notice and which leaves me full of hopes if we continue in this direction.

One of your strengths, too, is the rather quick adaptation of rookies this season?
We have a healthy group, made up of good people, whether it’s the players, the staff, the environment close to the club, the players who come from outside. We try to pay as much attention as possible to their state of mind, there is a chemistry with those who were there who are doing quite well. And above all, they are quality players. No one gives up, even those who play a little less, and as long as we have that, we will be difficult to move, we have to cultivate it. Sometimes there are players who are unhappy, sometimes there can be disagreements. But it always happens in a respectful atmosphere. It is often said that a champion team is more likely to win against a champion team, and I have a champion team, it is pleasant to manage and to live with. »


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