Boulogne-sur-Gesse. A serious pointing dog competition

The fourteenth edition of the pointing dog festival took place this year on the hunting territory of Boulogne sur Gesse, an organization of the Aica (Intermunicipal hunting association approved), in partnership with the Acca, the municipal association . This partridge hunting competition brought together seventy-four dogs of British breeds, setters and pointers and of continental breeds, Breton spaniels and braques. The dogs were divided into ten batteries and the first of each battery clashed in dams to designate the most deserving dogs and having the most abilities to hunt while respecting the qualities specific to each breed.

The winners established by the judges were communicated at the end of the meal which brought together nearly two hundred guests under the shade of the Place du Marché in Boulogne. One of the linchpins of this annual meeting, Ludovic Lacroix, thanked the president of Aica André Fourcade for his active presence and for his courage after the disappearance this spring of his wife Lucille. She regularly participated in the organization of this event. A tribute was also paid to Bernard Lacroix who died in 2020. He was at the origin of this event, “one of the pillars of the organization of the competition”.

The results

British podium: Winner: Monck du Bois de Saman, English setter to Paul Lacroix Second: One, English setter to Daniel Burrero. Third: Raya du Crohot Noir, pointing to Adrien Costes. Continental podium: Winner: Nuance de la vallée de Pradis , Brittany Spaniel to Serge Lasserre. Second: Maïssa des étangs de Dame Blanche, Breton spaniel for Serge Lasserre. Third: Seth de la Coulée d’Ayguebelle, French spaniel for Bernard Miral. of the day. It is therefore the promising Raya du Crohot Noir, a young pointer, driven by Adrien Costes who wins this trophy.

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