Booster pools, misters, panting dogs and cats, the Dijon SPA is trying to cope with the heat

It’s hot, very hot. And it is likely to get worse with up to 36 degrees expected this Thursday in Beaune in Côte-d’Or. And you are not the only ones to endure. The animals can’t take it anymore, like the hundred or so animals from the Society for the Defense of Animals and the Cailloux de Dijon refuge, who are struggling to ensure that the residents do not defend too much.

In her box, her tongue hanging out, Nina’s breathing, a Rottweiler female dog is getting stronger and stronger. “It’s not easy with her black coat on top of that. This morning, she’s one of the first ones I wanted to go out, but she didn’t want to go for a walk. At the moment, the dogs are different, they don’t move more a lot and are quieter”, assures Mélina, one of the animal caretakers on the site.

Like her colleagues, the young woman is mobilizing to support the animals present. We start work at 7 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. so that they can afford when the temperatures are a little lower”, she says. Throughout the day, they must be watched. The bowls are filled almost every two hours and some dogs that can accept it “enjoy seashell pools as for children”. There are some who are less fond of cats. “They go inside. We don’t see them much. What we do is also wet the pads of all the animals to cool them down”says the professional.

A shadow hard to find

Animals that also seek shade. Except that it remains very difficult to find on the site. So the SPA received real help this year: shade sails.

These shade sails were installed last June above the garden courtyards. ©Radio France
Virginia Vandeville

“We had funding that made it possible to install above the courtyards and which are watered in the afternoon to bring some freshness to the animals” specifies Jean-Luc Chemin, the director of the SDA. A kind of fogger of too short duration. Thereby the establishment should invest in real tools next year.

A plaque is installed at the entrance to the Dijon SPA.
A plaque is installed at the entrance to the Dijon SPA. ©Radio France
Virginia Vandeville

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