blind from birth, she reveals the important role of dogs in her life

The dog has always played a big role in my life. “, a delegate Marie-Laure Souplet to the editorial team of Woopets. From the age of 3, the blind person fromOise dreamed that a 4-legged friend swore loyalty to him.

Because sometimes things happen by chance, one of her cousins ​​discovered a tiny 3-week-old puppy abandoned in the woods. ” Like she knew I wanted one, why, she brought it home “said our interlocutor. Son first furry friend, baptized Hugointroduced him to the joys of “sharing” with an animal.

Very attached to his little human, the canine took care to move to give way. ” He understood that I couldn’t seehas followed Mary Laura, he pushed himself when he saw me coming while he was lying in the doorway. The others had to step over it! »

Alas, Death makes no difference when the glass rings, and mows down even the most innocent souls. The little girl had to say goodbye to her canine partner, who died of an occlusion during her 9e spring.

Marie-Laure and Cybèle on vacation

On the road to autonomy with a dog

Shortly after, Titus set foot in his house. Coming from a litter belonging to one of her dad’s colleagues, the ball of hair opened the path to autonomy for the young girl.

One day, while she is alone at the family home, her sidekick insisted on taking a walk. ” But I always took it with my parentsclarified Mary Laura, I told him that we both passed a test. »

This is how, for the first time, the teenager went out with her animal. ” It went really wellour source continued, thereafter, we extended our walks. »

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Cybèle loved to play ball

Growing, Mary Laura gained autonomy and could never bring herself to live without a domestic canine. As a blind person, she was able to benefit from a first canine guide, thanks to a private school in French Federation of Guide Dog Associations for the Blind.

Cybele, a female Flat-Coated Retriever, shared her daily life for 6 years. Carried away by an irreversible and devastating disease, the good paw engraved its imprint in his heart forever. During our interview, Mary Laura remembered their first meeting, a smile glued to his lips. ” When I was introduced to her, she jumped into my arms, as if she had known me forever and didn’t want to leave me anymore. “, she attributed to us not without emotion.

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Marie-Laure and Cybèle in harness

“India and I are not accomplices, but fusional”

Some time later, India took over. This female dog, of the same breed as the deceased Cybeleimmediately adopted Mary Laura. When the educator arrived at her home with the quadruped, the latter immediately appropriated the place!

I showed her some toys that I had left in the office… and she gathered them in Cybèle’s old basket! Then she lay down in the middle “, had fun our interlocutor. A new, very strong relationship has emerged.

India, now close to retirement, has completed 9 years of good and loyal service. Always in the name of the school, she will be definitively adopted by her favorite human when she has to bow out.

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Marie-Laure and India never leave each other

Mary Laura and his furry companions have never left each other. Vector of social bond, they allowed him to establish several friendships. Of course, the 50-year-old insisted on an important point: her 4-legged guides are dogs first and foremost.

Concerned about their well-being, Mary Laura has always taken great care of them. Because they accompanied him in good times and in bad, she swore to pamper them until their last breath.

I always say that India and I are not accomplices, but fusionshe pointed out, we completely understand. »

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Marie-Laure has a unique relationship with her guide dog

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“A living being who has the right to have his life as a dog”

Inspired by her canine muses, Mary Laura published the autobiographical book Me, never without my dog to Editions Baudelaire. A title that perfectly sums up the unique relationship she has with this animal.

Throughout the pages, the author recounts her learning to read and write, but also her professional career. As a bonus, a book filled with canine anecdotes!

Through this book, I wanted to show that a dog can pave the way and help us to meet nice people.a conclusion the writer, respect for the animal is also fundamental. I want people to realize that before being guided, it’s a living being who has the right to have his life as a dog. In addition, they must not forget the immense work done by schools and host families to train them. »

This poignant testimony highlights the central role of these animals in the lives of humans. They bring comfort, well-being and happiness, as any best friend worth his salt deserves.

Marie-Laure Souplet, “Me, never without my dog”, Éditions Baudelaire, €12.


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