“black anger” at the Federation of Landes hunters

He himself was present at the hearing, Thursday, October 20 in Paris: “When I read this press release, it is unworthy of our Republic, he says. It speaks of ”15 to 20% of birds requested from other species”, even though the LPO and One Voice have criticized this figure, not knowing where it came from. That it is taken up is really incomprehensible. “ Ditto, according to him, about the evocation of the size of the meshes of the nets: “That was not at all that was the discussion. “The word that is not strong enough and that I have in mind is unfair. »

“When I read this press release, it is unworthy of our Republic”

“We respond to the Birds Directive”

Régis Hargues, director of the Federation of hunters.

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The looming scenario is the same as last year, when lark hunting enthusiasts were only able to save a few days of practice in the season, between 1uh October and November 20. Except that, this year, to the disappointment is added the surprise. For Régis Hargues, “it could not be translated urgently because the argument of the LPO and One Voice was misleading. We have met all the criteria, the arguments are all taken up one after the other, we strictly meet the Birds Directive. We can’t do better than this year’s decrees, he insists. That means that the Council of State is not neutral. »

“Comment on will react? It’s too early to tell. For this year, there is not even any legal recourse to this decision”, concedes Régis Hargues. However, suspended orders are not revoked. A judgment on the merits, which will take place in the coming months, could possibly legitimize new hunts for next year. In short, it is already the 2023 season that is at stake.

And tomorrow, when they learn of this decision, will the Landes hunters agree to put away the matoles and the pantes without making their voices heard, after a second traditional hunting season reduced to almost nothing? “The disappointment is immense and the anger difficult to contain. We will see in the hours to come our reaction. »

For the record, in September 2021, between 16,300 and 20,000 people marched in Mont-de-Marsan to defend hunting, traditions and culture.

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