Benzema unveils a major project for his future, his son is already experimenting with it

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For the moment, Karim Benzema is at the height of his playing career. A few months after winning the Onze d’Or 2022, the Real Madrid striker did the double with the Ballon d’Or, succeeding a certain Zinédine Zidane as French winner. The end of his adventure as a player has not yet come, but Benzema already has some ideas in mind for the future.

Benzema wants to pass on to young people

And KB9, who confirms to GQ his wish to “always stay close to football”, also makes a revelation about one of his desires. Training young people, in particular to instil in them his vision of a more collective football, is part of his projects. “I would like to coach young people because nowadays I find that they are not prepared enough in football academies. The only thing that interests them is to score goals. »

A will of transmission which is already applied to his son Ibrahim. And Karim Benzema even reveals that with his own child, the KB9 coach has already adopted a rough management. “When I train with my son Ibrahim, who is quite talented, I take it very seriously, and if he doesn’t listen to me, I’m a little hard on him. Because when we train, for him I am no longer ‘Dad’. And that makes me laugh, because my own father had the same attitude towards me. »

to summarize

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid striker, spoke about his future plans in the columns of GQ, with a strong announcement. According to him, young people to transmit to them his vision of collective football is a possible way.

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