Benzema reveals being tough on his son in training, sends a message to the next generation

In an interview given to QG, Karim Benzema tells how he trains his son Ibrahim (5 years old) to play football. The Real Madrid striker explains that he is rather strict with him and believes that today’s youngsters, obsessed with scoring, are not trained properly.

He brought it up on the stage of the Théâtre du Châtelet when he received his Ballon d’Or 2022 last week in Paris. Alongside Zinedine Zidane and his parents, Karim Benzema embraced his son Ibrahim in front of a totally conquered room. The 5-year-old boy, born of his relationship with his ex Cora Gauthier, made the trip to the city of light to attend his father’s coronation, unlike his two other children, Mélia (7 years old) and Nouri (2 years old). ), that the Real Madrid striker had with his former girlfriend Chloé De Launay.

In an interview with the Spanish version of QG, the striker for the France team said a little more about the bond he has with his oldest son. Benzema notably revealed that he teaches him how to play ball. With some severity. “Ibrahim is super good at football, but when I train with him, I’m not always very nice, named the 34-year-old star. If he doesn’t listen to me when I ask him to pass, a control…I act like we’re really playing football. I don’t want to hear ‘Dad, I’m going to cry’ or ‘I’m sad’, that kind of stuff. I find it funny because my dad was the same with me This is how I behave with my son, even if at the end of training, I give him a hug if he deserves it (laughs).

“I don’t want to get too far away from football”

Asked about his post-career projects, KB Nueve explained that he wanted to stay close to the field, in order to advise the youngest in particular. “Maybe help them train, guide them to become good footballers, that they understand that being the best is more than scoring goals, detailed Benzema. I think we doesn’t train young players well in today’s football. If you ask them, they just want to score goals. They all want to score. But football isn’t just that. Maybe I’ll try to be close to these young people to train them. I don’t want to get too far away from football”.

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