behind the scenes, the MoDem and Renaissance tear each other apart over the forced passage

After the warning, the threat. The majority continues to be divided over the pension reform, while the executive makes it clear that it could go through a amendment to the social security budget. The unions, LFI and the RN are strongly opposed to it, and the subject promises to be muscular, therefore, also in the camp of the government. After Francois Bayrou, it was the boss of the MoDem deputies Jean-Paul Mattei who waved the threat of a vote against this amendment. Elisabeth Borne receives, this Wednesday, September 21, the bosses of the groups of the majority in Matignon. The Prime Minister, with at her side the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament Franck Riester, will thus hear Aurore Bergé (Renaissance), Jean-Paul Mattéi (MoDem), and Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons), and in the Senate, François Patriat (Rally of Democrats, Progressives and Independents, majority Renaissance).

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Still, the MoDem has every intention of using all its weight to avoid a pension reform in the social security budget. There are several levels of reading this considerable pressure. First, because around François Bayrou, it is estimated that measures of justice, chopped careers, hardship, could not exist in amendments to the budget.

Then, the elected Modem agitate the risk of a reform which will set fire to the National Assembly. “We are not immune to the right in the middle of a congress voting a motion of censure”, advances a frame of the Modem. Clearly, that the opposition brings down the government in case of use of the procedure of 49.3.

Finally, and this is not a detail, with this choice, a line battle is being played out behind the scenes: “Knowing what tempo we give to the quinquennium”, suppose a framework of the MoDem. He describes, to put it simply, two options: the new method, dialogue, the National Council for Refoundation (CNR), supported by François Bayrou or Richard Ferrand, and a more “hard”, he says, embodied by Gérald Darmanin, Sébastien Lecornu or even the powerful secretary general of the Élysée Palace Alexis Kohler. Not enough now to rock Elisabeth Borne. His entourage warns as follows: “It’s not the kind of Prime Minister to decide under pressure”.

The Renaissance group, formerly La République en Marche, is also divided. A good third of the 170 deputies are thus a little embarrassed: “We clearly see the left-right divide”, note a chosen one. Some opened up about it, again on Tuesday, September 20, during the meeting of the Renaissance group at the Assembly.

Charge therefore to Elisabeth Borne, according to an adviser, “to go around the meals to see where everyone is” and therefore try to find the possible leeway whether on age, on small pensions or on special schemes. So many sliders likely to bring together the majority who will undoubtedly be at the heart of a lunch between Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne on Friday September 23. Especially since some have a presentiment that the choice be announced quickly. “It would be good if we didn’t get everyone on the wrong side of the method, it will have plenty of time to be the case on the substance of the text”slips a chosen one.

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