Before OL – PSG – Communication tutorial for Peter Bosz: How Jean-Michel Aulas lets go of his coaches

Peter Bosz is right to brush off questions about the supposed pressure around his shoulders. For a simple reason: Jean-Michel Aulas has not yet spoken. If Vincent Ponsot has confirmed crossing points, the Lyon president is still silent in the press as to the future of his coach.

Until when ? No one knows but the Dutchman hopes to delay the deadline as much as possible. Because, often, when JMA speaks, it is because the coach’s fate is already decided. Focus on Aulas’ communication methods in times of crisis.

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2011: Puel and the “a priori”

The context : Claude Puel has been managing OL for three years. And for the third consecutive year, Lyon will not be champions. Despite substantial investments, Puel never managed to pass the level so hoped for by Jean-Michel Aulas on his arrival, despite a semi-final of the Champions League. In short, the hypothesis of a departure at the end of the 2010-2011 season is taking shape quite noticeably, especially since internal relations are icy between the management and its “general coach”. Worse, during the winter, it is through the media that Puel and Aulas exchange messages that leave little room for doubt.

The declaration of Aulas : March 2011. Although OL have raised the bar in the league, qualification for C1 is not yet certain. On Canal +, asked about the possibility of seeing Puel remain in office the following season despite growing general mistrust on the part of supporters, Aulas does not rule out any possibility.

Claude Puel is under contract for another year. There is no a priori reason for things not to continue for the last year of the contract.

The subtitle : The C1 is a necessity but does not represent a guarantee to stay in place. It is even rather the opposite that is taking shape. But in order not to put himself at fault, which could be reproached to him judicially, Aulas prefers to use the language of wood.

The following : A divorce granted in public, with the intervention of the LFP’s legal commission to try to find a way out. Finally, OL began a breach of contract procedure in June 2011. Despite a legal action to claim nearly 7 million euros, Puel will be dismissed by French justice.

2015: Fournier and Aulas not “prisoner”

The context : After the departure of Rémi Garde in 2014, Hubert Fournier took over the reins of OL. After a successful first season, marked by the takeover of Lacazette, Fekir and co, Lyon is struggling to confirm. At the beginning of December, the Fournier troops were “only” fifth, six points off the lead, but the attitude of the players against Montpellier (2-4) and Nantes (0-0) confirmed that the squad was no longer responding.

The declaration of Aulas : It was during a long interview that he gave us that Aulas suggested that things could reasonably be done. With a sentence on can not clearer.

If things go worse, I will not remain a prisoner of my principles.

The subtitle : While he has not fired any coach during the season for 20 years, Aulas is ready to cut to the chase if necessary. It will happen much faster than expected for Fournier…

The following : A diving group and a Christmas that turns into a nightmare for Fournier. On December 24, at the end of the afternoon, the ax fell: the technician was replaced by Bruno Genesio. But between the president and his former coach, the relationship is not broken. In 2017, when choosing the successor to François Blaquart at the DTN, it was Aulas who placed Fournier. The latter is still in post at the FFF five years later.

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April 2019: Genesio and the Lunar Press Conference

The context : Bruno Genesio has been at the head of OL for three and a half years. Apart from the 2016-17 season, the local coach managed to put his team on the podium. But the identity of the game remains uncertain, the regularity non-existent: in short, this OL is frustrating. Above all, he has still not won anything since the Coupe de France in 2012, enough to exasperate supporters who are more and more vehement towards him. The Coupe de France looks like a golden opportunity: Lyon are in the semis and Aulas call a press conference after the match to formalize Genesio’s extension. Assess. OL lost to Rennes (2-3) and it was sheepish that Aulas presented himself to the journalists.

The declaration of Aulas : Although bothered to justify this press conference, the Lyon president ends up involuntarily humiliating his coach.

The deal was that if we went to the final of the Coupe de France and if we finished on the podium, there would have been a two-year extension for Bruno Genesio. From now on, we will see at the end of the season…

The subtitle : Elimination changes everything. And the link is now broken…

The following : Ten days later, Genesio announces to the press his departure at the end of the season. Tired of the ambient distrust and probably disappointed with the change of heart of his president, he took the lead in leaving his favorite club. A departure that JMA still regretted in December 2019.

Genesio Aulas

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2019: Sylvinho, the statement that says it all

The context : In the summer of 2019, OL changed everything. Aulas takes a step back, he believes and it is believed, and Juninho is appointed sporting director. The Brazilian prefers his compatriot Sylvinho to take charge of the first team. Soon, the situation becomes untenable. At the end of September, Lyon are 11th and have just gone seven games without a win. Despite a thinning in Leipzig, the former left-back only has the derby to hope to save his head.

The declaration of Aulas : With our colleagues from L’Equipe, Aulas is back on the front line. After putting Juninho face to face with his responsibilities, he lets go of this sentence which already seals the fate of his coach.

Sylvinho is so desperate to succeed and he will succeed. If it’s not at OL, it will be after.

The subtitle : Good luck for the future…

The following : A defeat on the wire against Saint-Etienne (1-0) and the ax that falls. Sylvinho landed, it’s Juninho also weakened. Rudi Garcia takes back the dreams but his contract is short (18 months). In the summer of 2021, Garcia leaves on his own, not helped by bad relations with the Lyon sports director, who will leave a few months later too. Leaving Bosz as the club’s sole sporting spokesperson. Until when ?

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