Beauvechain: too few dogs are kept on a leash

The municipality is aware of the problem. On various occasions, it was recalled, in particular in the municipal bulletins, the provisions of the police regulations, moreover taken up on the municipal site.

Local authorities specify that for the year 2021 alone, 282 complaints for unkept animals were received at the Brabant Ardennes police zone.

It should be remembered that keeping dogs on a leash is compulsory in inhabited areas as well as on lanes reserved for borrowed users and in places accessible to the public. The owner is required in all circumstances to control his animal.

Failure to comply with these measures may result in a municipal administrative sanction. It will then be up to the provincial sanctioner to decide whether to impose a fine. The latter can go up to 350 €.

For further information: Tessy Maet, guardian of the peace (010 86 83 08, [email protected]).


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