beaches accessible to dogs, happiness for some, lack of hygiene for others

Pets also benefit from the holidays. In the Hérault, four beaches are accessible to dogs, including one at La Grande-Motte. For the owners, this rare possibility is a delight. For other tourists, it is a lack of hygiene.

It’s rare, and it delights furry ball owners. Four beaches in the Hérault are authorized for dogs. They can come here to bask or bathe in the water, with their master.

A shared pleasure for dogs and masters

On the Grand Travers beach, in La Grande-Motte, at the beginning of August 2022, Maëlys and her Malinois, Seko are enjoying the sea. “He is so happy, as soon as we arrive on the beach, he runs straight into the ‘water”. A portion of the beach, at access 60, is open to them.

“Often the dogs are refused so when we are at the campsite, they stay on the pitch, they do nothing and they are in the sun, poor people. There we come to refresh them and at the same time we can have fun with them .

Shared pleasure for animals and masters. Some owners go even further and decide their vacation based on their pets. “He has the right to his vacation too”, underlines Yanis. “The rental is in relation to the dog, I paid more to take my dog ​​with me. There is no choice and that is fine.

“It is the horror”

If dogs are only confined to a small part of the beach, other holidaymakers do not see this possibility very favorably. Especially after a bad experience… “We found dog needs inside the water, so no, that’s the horror,” laments Lamia. “I’m swimming and I find something next to me. I changed beaches right away.”

Sophia, another tourist, thinks it’s not very clean. “I’m not going to be comfortable at all, I think it’s a bit of a lack of hygiene. They’re going to come and dry themselves near us, it’s not great,” she concludes.

To find out which beaches accept the presence of dogs, go to the website of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

Lucile Pascanet (edited by Astrid Bergère)

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