Battle in a zoo in Sweden: a snake capable of killing an elephant escapes from its terrarium

Since this weekend, the staff of the establishment have been trying to get their hands on a king cobra that escaped through a gap. Part of the zoo is still closed.

Houdini is looking good. This weekend, a royal cobra from Skansen Zoo in Stockholm, Sweden, renamed in honor of the famous magician, escaped from its terrarium a few days after its arrival.

According TF1Monday, staff were still looking for him and part of the establishment was still closed to the public. The zoo’s website indicates that the snake has still not been found on Tuesday, Wednesday, October 26. Our colleagues explain that sticky traps have been installed to try to catch it if it has come to move. The reptile could be somewhere hidden in the ceiling.

Houdini managed to squeeze through a gap to regain his freedom. A priori, he should not venture outside, the temperature being too cold for him. His escape was filmed by a visitor.

A single king cobra bite is enough to kill an Asian elephant

According to Geo, the king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world. It is also particularly dangerous. “At lightning speed, it can bite its prey one or more times, injecting up to 600 mg of venom in one bite, while the lethal dose is 20 mg for a human being, explains the magazine on its website. Thus, a single king cobra bite is enough to kill an Asian elephant.

Not that the zoo is surprised to take precautions… France Info tempers and explains that this species is naturally calm and unlikely to attack.

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