Bartoli, the terrible Calvary

Now in a relationship with footballer Yahia Boumediene, Marion Bartoli has already been through hell.

Marion Bartoli is a fulfilled woman. As much professionally where she enjoys her new role as an atrocious friend, every Sunday, at the microphone of RMC as in her private life, where she spins the perfect love with the Belgian footballer Yahia Boumediene. A blessing after having previously maintained, by his own admission, a toxic relationship.

Shortly after the end of her career in the wake of her coronation at Wimbledon in 2013, the native of Puy-en-Velay was indeed in a relationship with a British bank which made her experience a real ordeal. “I met my ex-boyfriend in May 2014 and every day he told me I was fat. Every day. He saw a chopped up girl in the street, he said to me: ‘You saw how chopped up and beautiful she is!’ It didn’t help me.” she had told a few years later in Paris-Match.

He really was an absolute asshole

As a result of his companion’s remarks, the former world number 4 had passed on a drastic diet, which had put his health at risk. “I had lost a lot of weight before the virus because of my ex who had made me live a life of hell. He really was an absolute asshole”she lamented shortly after the Covid pandemic, adding: “Because of my personality, I had accepted unacceptable things. I was like, ‘no it doesn’t matter’, and it totally destroyed me. I don’t want to live like this anymore. »

And all the more so since to this diet had been added a virus brought back from a stay in India which had weakened her a little more. “I had really lost a lot of weight, I was weak, I had recognized. I picked up something in India that killed me. I was already extremely choppy, even skinny, but I couldn’t see it. » But this bad patch belongs to ancient history. “I have sometimes gone through difficult times and today I really feel like I am leading my best life with my husband and my daughter, being happy, having successful professional projects”she recently told.

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