Barking dogs tear apart the Maltaverne district, in Tracy-sur-Loire

Apparently, the rue des Mouilles, in Maltaverne in the municipality of Tracy-sur-Loire is a peaceful corner. Barely a few houses make up the path.

But according to the words of some neighbors, the situation has gradually become unbearable. In question ? The installation of a family which had a very large number of dogs. Thirty according to estimates.

These animals, the inhabitants would be ready to support them, if only their owners would suffer them… “It’s all day, and all night…”, breathes a neighbor.

22 calls to the gendarmes

The slightest noise they make at home causes them to bark, explains her husband. The proof that day, hardly does she open her window that cascading cries of dogs are triggered. And it lasts. “And besides, it’s us that the neighbor is yelling at us because we make her dogs bark… We’re not even at home anymore?! “, is indignant the couple.

Just a few steps away, Michel also can’t take it anymore. A year ago, he tried to start a petition to alert the mayor. “But it had no effect…”

“It’s hellish, we shut ourselves up so as not to listen to them anymore…”

So in early June, he sent a letter to the Public Prosecutor, “with eighteen sworn statements from neighbors to prove the nuisance caused”. The pensioner has already called the gendarmes 22 times. “And it’s been going on for three years…”

On his phone, Michel tirelessly records the nuisances of these dogs, to prove his statements. “It’s hellish, we shut ourselves up so as not to listen to them anymore…”, he said, exhausted. So much so that he also tried to alert MP Perrine Goulet. “I told him that I was going to end up taking the gun if this continued. I am exhausted… “

No signs of abuse

Local residents say they have alerted the town hall, but know it powerless in the face of the situation. During the month of July, the gendarmes came with the veterinary services to inspect the premises. According to Sylvain Cointat, mayor of the town, no abuse was observed during this visit.

At the Nevers remand center, a dog helps fragile prisoners

On the other hand, the number of dogs is far too high compared to the legislation. “They have four months to return to the authorized number of nine dogs,” said the chosen one. Before adding: “If they respect the injunction, I would be fine with me, because the situation has gotten bogged down as the number of dogs increases”.

For the residents interviewed, nine could be suitable. Or not. Everything lies, for them, in the ability of their masters to silence them…

Marie Lemaitre


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