bandits, bullet wound … The other dark declarations of Mathias Pogba

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This morning, since the revelations of Mathias Pogba are talking. The brother of Paul Pogba, currently in detention, had obviously planned the publication of messages and videos automatically on his Twitter account.

Speeches where he evokes a lot of subjects, between the influence of Rafaela Pimenta, the dating of his brother but above all the confirmation according to him of the attempted maraboutage of Paul Pogba on Kylian Mbappé in 2019. But other proposals more dark are also required.

A confirmed gunshot wound…

Mathias Pogba also claims that a relative was the victim of a gunshot wound committed by “bandits”. “He had saved my brother time. (…) But in the end, my brother did nothing. The bandits grabbed this relative to shoot him in the hand, in order to send a message to my brother, that the lives of his relatives were in danger. “A bullet wound which would be proven by the police investigation report unveiled by RTL a few days ago…

to summarize

In recent hours, Mathias Pogba has taken the floor to reveal in detail his version of the facts on the Pogba affair. With some dark proposals. Indeed, the brother of Paul Pogba reveals details which largely concern the framework of football.

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