Avian flu detected in Seine-et-Marne on the corpse of barnacle geese

The corpses of three Bernache geese discovered in Villeneuve-le-Comte were carriers of avian flu. ©Karine Brives/illustration

The discovery of three barnacle geese dead from bird flu in the territory of Villeneuve le Comte Fr Seine et Marne immediately trigger a series of measures to stem or limit the epidemic throughout the department.

As is now the case when an animal is found to be a carrier ofAvian Flu, the Prefect of Seine-et-Marne has set up a temporary control zone around the site concerned. This area encompasses tAll towns around Villeneuve-le-Comte within a radius of 20 km. It therefore extends to the north as far as Meaux, to the south as far as Guignes, to the east it concerns Coulommiers, while to the west this area goes beyond Seine-et-Marne , as far as Val-de-Marne.

The temporary control zone:

An area of ​​20 km around Villeneuve-le-Comte is affected by restriction measures linked to avian flu.
An area of ​​20 km around Villeneuve-le-Comte is affected by restriction measures linked to avian flu. ©Radius calculator

Measures to limit the spread of avian flu

Since the confirmation by a laboratory of the presence of avian influenza on the territory, all commercial or non-commercial farms holding poultry must receive visiting a veterinarian or an agent of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP77) in order to check the state of health of the animals.

The prefect’s decree also provides that poultry and captive birds must be kept in confinementi.e. inside a building in order to prevent any potential contact with wild birds that could carry the disease.

The entrances and exits of the buildings housing the birds must be disinfected.

It is no longer possible to bring poultry or captive birds into or out of this perimeter. Derogations can be granted for animals that must go to the slaughterhouse, but they are strict and must meet specific conditions.

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The sale of live poultry to individuals are prohibited in this zone, as long as the zone of control is maintained.

However, the sale and consumption of eggs is authorized if sold in disposable or cleanable packaging.

Another constraint imposed by the decree of the prefect, but for hunters this time. They are prohibited from introducing birds into the natural environment of the game they would like to hunt.

A resumption of the early epidemic

This summer, since the Ministry of Agriculture more than 300,000 farmed poultry have been slaughtered since this summer. The bird flu epidemic, which is monitored each year, arrived earlier than usual in France, whose situation is considered “exceptional”.

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