Aveyron: the hedgehog, this animal facing multiple dangers

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Hedgehogs are among the wild animals loved by the French. The Millau wildlife conservation center collects more and more of them.

“In all the wild animal rescue centers in France, hedgehogs are more and more present,” admits Hélène Lebreton, head of the Caussenard Wildlife Rescue Center in Millau.

“We are surprised because from year to year, the number of attendances increases rapidly. Why ? We don’t really know but it is certain that the French love hedgehogs, are interested in them. Moreover, when an animal is provided to us, it is always at the expense of the person transporting it by car, we do not have the means to reimburse the kilometers traveled. »

It has been calculated that on average a hedgehog is transported 70 kilometers to come from the place where it was found towards the center of Millavois. This place hosted 87 hedgehogs last year, ahead of the Black Swift (79 individuals). The interest in animal life, the fact that ecology is part of the life of the greatest number, are elements that militate to help animals in distress. “Hedgehogs have many problems with swimming pools even though they are excellent swimmers. They arrive at the edge of the water, see dead insects on the surface, launch themselves into the water to eat them. Then when they come out of the water, the height of the walls of the pool becomes an obstacle impossible for them to cross. So they swim until exhaustion and die of fatigue. »

Poisons and Roads

“Another danger for these animals is the poison of pesticides and all those chemicals used in gardens to kill slugs and snails. Hedgehogs love these animals, but if they are poisoned, the hedgehog that eats them is also poisoned.

Finally, the other major risk for hedgehogs is the roads. Everyone has too often seen these dead animals by the side of the roads. You should know that the hedgehog does not just cross a road when it is run over. In fact, it is a particularly opportunistic animal when feeding. On the roads, the hedgehog finds the bodies of all these insects killed by cars. The hedgehog has a great pantry on the tarmac with the risk of becoming a victim too.

In fact, the hedgehog is very present in our lives without us really realizing it. It is not uncommon for the cat’s croquettes in a bowl to serve as a meal for a group of hedgehogs in the countryside. It is also wild animals that gardeners like to see in their garden because they are allies in eliminating parasites”.

With two litters per year, the hedgehog tends to disappear in France. The protector is a good idea.

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